Status Quo – Access All Areas

LOVE the Union Chapel shots Ross – Well done!

Simon Porter, Status Quo’s Manager

Last summer I did three  shoots for “The Mighty Quo”

Two at festivals, Car Fest South and Astonbury in Oxford and an amazing acustic show at the Union Chapel, Islington. Fortunately we had “access all areas” and we could shoot the whole show. Unfortunatley the band suffered quite a blow after the first show in Oxford with Rick Parfitt be taken ill shortly after a show in Turkey. Francis and the band had to react quickly to change their line up and honor their touring schedule.

Sadly Rick passed away later in the year. The few times we met him he was always in good spirts and was full of funny rock’n’roll stories. He had amazing stage presence and as you’d expect knew exactly how to put on a great show. A real loss to music and a true legend of Rock ‘n’ Roll.

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