More Walk Magazine Front Covers

“Ross has really raised the bar for our magazine photography through his expertise in shooting outdoors, even in challenging conditions. He’s completely unflappable, totally committed and indefatigably cheerful on every shoot – an absolute pleasure to work with.”

Matt Jones, Editor, WALK Magazine.

Here are the results from four seasonal photo shoots with the Ramblers Association and the River Group. Don’t let the beautiful views fool you, we battled some pretty brutal weather conditions to get these shots. The summer shot was at the end of a day of biblical rain storms in North Wales, while the winter cover was shot in Glen Coe, Scotland, which dealt us fog, snow, rain and deep, boot filling bogs. Couple that with my deranged assistant nearly spilling my entire Nikon camera kit in to a stream whilst jumping it with the camera bag partially open and you have the potential for disaster, luckily it was avoided and all worked out well in the end.

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