Ski Action and Lifestyle Photoshoot in Kitzbuhel with Ellis Brigham  

Ross just gets it… he fundamentally understands the heart and soul of mountain sports and his images are a magical touchpoint for fellow believers.

His constant energy, self-depreciating dry humour and, of course, his attention to detail and absolute professionalism make him a joy to work with.

Dave Whitlow – Marketing Director
Skier walking in the snow next to an old alpine hut
Ski lifestyle photoshoot for Ellis Brigham Mountain Sports
Close up portrait of a female skier with goggles
Ski lifestyle photoshoot for Ellis Brigham Mountain Sports
Female skier turning off piste in deep powder snow
Ski lifestyle photoshoot for Ellis Brigham Mountain Sports
Lifestyle picture of a female skier in a forest off piste
Ski lifestyle photoshoot for Ellis Brigham Mountain Sports
Lifestyle portrait of a female skier wearing goggles
Ski lifestyle photoshoot for Ellis Brigham Mountain Sports

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Start up to Superstars – A photographic journey with Castore Sportswear  

“Ross has been with us from the start and his imagery has been pivotal in communicating our brand story. Our shoots are often fast paced and demanding, Ross will work tirelessly to seek that perfect shot in a tight schedule and always delivers! A master at work and joy to work alongside.”

Tom Espin – Operations Director, Castore Sportswear.

Here’s a pictorial timeline of a few images I produced for Castore Sportswear. After contacting me I met owners Tom and Phil Beahon down in London back in 2016 when they were pretty much still a start up. I liked them, they had done a lot of market research having both come from a professional sports background and had a very clear idea of where they wanted the brand to be. After a good chat we all agreed on a plan and we started working together.

We shot at first light in torrential rain storms, on freezing cold and red hot golf courses, tiny dark gyms, Tuscan castles, Spanish villa’s, Scottish Lochs, Rangers football club, Queens tennis club and even McLaren headquarters. I produced a trademark colour treatment for them to achieve consistency for the look and feel of the brand, and supplied support using our 24/7 server access.

Its been quite a journey. They have now grown into a very successful brand and it’s been great fun and very satisfying to watch it all grow.

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Dare2b AW 20/21 Ski Action Shoot  

“As always, an absolute pleasure to work with Ross. His ability to identify the right location for the perfect shot is second to none. No shoot is without its challenges but Ross takes them all in his stride and delivers every time. He’s also bloody great fun to be around!”

Lucy Banks, Creative Director – Senior Account Manager, Driven Agency

This was another tricky shoot for Dare2b using location lighting in the mountains for their AW 20/21 clothing range. We used Elinchrom Ranger high speed flash heads coupled with the Nikon D850 for the shoot which again worked out perfectly. We shot it in Tignes, France just before Covid 19 raged through Europe. You can see more flash action shots for Dare2b here

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Jaguar Landrover Brand Apparel Lifestyle Shoot  

Working with Ross on a recent series of commercial lifestyle shoots was a great experience. Don’t let the Brummy drawl and laid back demeanour fool you – this chap and his trusty assistant know exactly what they’re doing.

The production was a breeze despite having a lot of video and photography to fit in around each other in a short space of time. And the shots look spot on – the clients been delighted with them. Cheers Ross !”

Cat Cronin, Producer, Home agency

This was a series of five location video and photography shoots produced here in the UK with Home Agency for Jaguar Landrover. One shoot was produced to coincide with the launch of the new Landrover Defender. All videos were created by Paul Lilly Click here to see a collection of the images from these shoots.

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Walk Magazine Summer 2020 Front Cover.  

“I have worked with Ross for 5 years now, and he has never once let me down. Even under inhospitable conditions and crazy demands he always finds a way to get superb pictures.”

Phil Tristram – Creative Director, River Group Content Ltd

Here’s the summer cover of the Ramblers Associations Walk magazine. It was shot last summer up in the glorious city of Edinburgh up near Arthurs Seat giving a superb view of the city and Edinburgh castle. The brief was summer walks just outside a city which I think we’ve achieved quite well. To see more covers click here

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Andy Murray for Castore Sportswear.  

“Working with Ross was an absolute pleasure, he was calm, collected and always cheerful. Whatever challenges we put in front of him (there where a lot) he went above and beyond.”

Phil Beahon – Director Castore Clothing

Following Andy Murrays return from surgery to the professional game he signed a sponsorship deal with Castore Sportswear. They have produced a tennis range called the AMC Andy Murray collection. I was called in to do two shoots for them with Andy. One at Queens tennis club in Hammersmith and one at the National Tennis Centre in Roehampton. Click on the link here to see the rest of the collection.

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More Walk Magazine Front Covers  

“Ross has really raised the bar for our magazine photography through his expertise in shooting outdoors, even in challenging conditions. He’s completely unflappable, totally committed and indefatigably cheerful on every shoot — an absolute pleasure to work with.”

Matt Jones, Editor, WALK Magazine.

Here are the results from four seasonal photo shoots with the Ramblers Association and the River Group. Don’t let the beautiful views fool you, we battled some pretty brutal weather conditions to get these shots. The summer shot was at the end of a day of biblical rain storms in North Wales, while the winter cover was shot in Glen Coe, Scotland, which dealt us fog, snow, rain and deep, boot filling bogs. Couple that with my deranged assistant nearly spilling my entire Nikon camera kit in to a stream whilst jumping it with the camera bag partially open and you have the potential for disaster, luckily it was avoided and all worked out well in the end.

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John Bonham’s Led Zeppelin Drum Kit  

“Wow Ross …Truly beautiful work … Thanks.”

Robert Plant



This was a project for Robert Plant to shoot John Bonham’s legendary 1968 Gray Pearl Ludwig drum kit (No 664107) which was used to create the thunderous drums on “When the Levee Breaks” on Led Zeppelin 4 recorded at Headley Grange.

The shots where produced for an auction to sell off the kit to raise funds for a statue of the drummer in his home town of Redditch.

Copyright 2017 ©

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Status Quo – Access All Areas  

LOVE the Union Chapel shots Ross — Well done!

Simon Porter, Status Quo’s Manager

Last summer I did three  shoots for “The Mighty Quo”

Two at festivals, Car Fest South and Astonbury in Oxford and an amazing acustic show at the Union Chapel, Islington. Fortunately we had “access all areas” and we could shoot the whole show. Unfortunatley the band suffered quite a blow after the first show in Oxford with Rick Parfitt be taken ill shortly after a show in Turkey. Francis and the band had to react quickly to change their line up and honor their touring schedule.

Sadly Rick passed away later in the year. The few times we met him he was always in good spirts and was full of funny rock’n’roll stories. He had amazing stage presence and as you’d expect knew exactly how to put on a great show. A real loss to music and a true legend of Rock ‘n’ Roll.

Copyright 2017 ©

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Snow and Rock Aw16/17 Photo Shoot in Morzine  

“How could that have not made the cover, it’s a killer shot!

In fact so happy with all the stuff you nailed this year as is the wider business.”

Jez Baxter – Creative Director – Snow and Rock / Costwold Outdoor




Here are a few shots from the Snow & Rock AW16-17 Catalogue photo shoot in Morzine last winter. I have to say the conditions where pretty challenging with the snow pack and the weather but as usual it all came good in the end. I used my new Nikon D5 for this shoot and my new 200-500 mm zoom lens

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